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7:00 PM



  • You will choose a team name. Make it funny, witty, serious, whatever you choose. Keep in mind, this will be your the team name you use for the following weeks.

  • Our games are made up of 20 questions broken into six "mini-rounds" of three questions each plus one halftime question and one final question. In other words, it goes, 9 questions, then halftime, then 9 questions, then final question.

    • Each round (except Half Time and Final Rounds) will have 3 point values to choose from. Use them in any order in that round, but each value can only be used once. ​If the full answer is correct, you will be awarded the corresponding point values you chose. Wrong answers will result in 0 points being awarded. If you are pretty sure of an answer, you should choose the highest value.

    • Half Time Round: You will wager up to 50% of the accumulated points up to this point. The full answer(s) must be correct to be awarded the points. If the questions is answered correctly, your team will be AWARDED the wagered amount. If the answer is incorrect, your team will be DEDUCTED the wagered amount.

    • Final Round: You are then able to wager anywhere from ZERO to ALL of your points, but if you get that final question wrong, YOU LOSE THE POINTS WAGERED!

    • In case of a tie for the winner, an additional question will be asked for those teams in a tie.

  • We'll ask you a question, and then play a song. You get the time it takes that song to play (a couple minutes) to write down your answer and the amount of points you're wagering and bring it up to the host.​ After each round, the answer sheets will be turned in and points calculated. Once the answer sheets are collected, answers cannot be changed. 

  • There will be a winner each week. The team with the highest points that week will receive a small prize.

  • There will be an overall winner at the end of the series, which will award a higher prize.

  • Mulligans can be purchased if you do not know an answer or want to receive points for an incorrect answer. Only two mulligans can be purchased and used per week. Mulligans must be used that day and expires at the end of that nights trivia game. 

    • Money from mulligan purchases is how prizes will be acquired, so please consider purchasing them!


  1. NO cheating, or reference materials, electronics & NO looking up answers!

  2. DO NOT SHOUT out answers.

  3. One answer per team.

  4. Submit answer before the end of the round.

  5. The decisions of the hosts are FINAL.

  6. Have DAM fun!

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